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Stationary Dock Accessories

The Vertical Boat Bumper offers maximum protection for any type of boat.  It protrudes four feet upwards above the dock surface and two feet below the dock decking surface.  The bumper offers protection for many boat types, from low-profile fiberglass bass boats to large wide-body cruisers.

The molded plastic bumper is durable and is designed to cushion impact.  Any severe wear and tear is to the molded plastic bumper itself – sparing the boat from damage. 

We offer a corner bumper for outside corner of the dock where the boat may contact the upright post.  The molded bumper is the best bumper available in the industry.  It’s durable, user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and the longest lasting bumper protection material available.


The 8′ Long Bench offers a comfortable seating area for a group of friends to congregate.  It hangs over the water, so it does not take up any decking area.  The plastic surface is comfortable and cool to the touch.  There is no metal and no bolts exposed that could cause a burn from excessive heat buildup due to the sun’s rays beating down on a hot day.


The 4-Step Ladder is a one-piece, hot-dipped, galvanized ladder, with steps that are ergonomically designed for foot comfort and maximum foot contact to reduce the possibility of slipping when climbing out of the lake.

The ladder rungs are round and protrude, with an 18″ arch above the dock surface for added comfort when climbing out of the water.


The Triangle Dock Locker Box is designed to hang over the water on the inside corner of an L-segment of the dock.  It is large enough to store water skis, wake boards, life jackets, ski ropes, and any other gear up to 300lbs.  The box keeps equipment protected from outdoor elements.


The 16′ tall aluminum telescoping flag pole attaches to any uncovered vertical dock post.  It has a clean look and has no lines to clang against the flag pole (which can be somewhat irritating).  The pole is stable and designed for flying two 30″x60″ flags at one time or flying a flag at half-mast.

The Kayak/Canoe/Sailboard Rack is a secured way to store any small non-motorized water craft.  It hangs over the water, keeping the deck area free of crafts.


The Aluminum Base Plate is 10″ in diameter and recommended for soft ground conditions.  The plate telescopes up the pipe to allow additional pipe length to protrude into the ground for added stability and support, ensuring that the dock does not settle under extreme weight or soft ground conditions.


The Side Sway Stabilizer is recommended in areas where the water is at least six feet deep, with no L-Segments or boathouses on the dock.  Additional side sway stabilizers are added when large wide-body cruisers are moored in a slip exposed to the west, north or northwest winds.

The 30-degree stabilizer semi-vertical pipe is driven into the lake bottom, unless the ground is too soft.  In that case, a second bracket is added at ground level to a vertical pipe.  These must be at least 8′ apart and locked to the semi-vertical pipe for an adequate angle.


The Covered Slips are available in lengths of 24′, 32′, 40′ and 48′.  The slips provide an ideal option (for shorelines where boat lifts do not work) to moor the boat underneath cover – out of the exposure from the sun and rain.

Additional widths for the slip and heights for the boathouse are optional; they will depend on specific boat specifications.  The slips provide a proven long-lasting way to shelter a boat from the elements, yet withstand Mother Nature’s most severe winds.