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Aluminum Vertical Lifts

The ShoreStation’s proven design will protect your boat and keep it completely out of the water.  These marin-grade aluminum lifts use stainless-steel hardware to survive in the harsh environment of your lake.  ShoreStation lifts can be used in shallow water and for uneven lake bottoms.  The four-corner adjustability and full-length vinyl boat bottom bunks provide the adjustability and stability that your boat needs.

The lifts are available with an electric power unit, centering guides and canopy covers.  See tables for all available options and upgrades.

•Free-standing lift doesn’t require the building of any kind of structure, boathouse or dock
•All-aluminum construction frame is very stable and relatively easy to install and remove
•Adjustable leg settings
•Total lifting heights ranging from 48″ to 54″
•Optional Extension Legs add an additional 25″ of adjustment
•Adjustable motor stop is included.

•10-year warranty on material and structural defects
•2-year warranty on lift parts
•2-year warranty on aftermarket products and Lift Tech electrical power units

•With the direct-drive power unit, the two-battery 24-volt system is recommended due to the added torque
•Carpeted centering guides offer a step to access the boat from the dock
•Optional PVC Roller Guides are for boat owners that want to isolate boat contact to the rub rail, which is ideal for ski boats or inboard powered boats
•Spring-loaded guides for the rear end of the lift are recommended where there is rough water activity.
•Aluminum lengths are available
•Wheel kits are idea for hard, sandy bottoms to roll the boatlift in the spring or for out of the water in the fall.

Model Number Lift Capacity Inside Width Lift Height
ShoreStation SS15100 1,500lbs 100″ 48″
ShoreStation SS2100 2,000lbs 100″ 48″
ShoreStation SS30108 3,000lbs 108″ 48″
ShoreStation SS30120 3,000lbs 120″ 48″
ShoreStation SS40100 4,000lbs 100″ 48″
ShoreStation SS40120 4,000lbs 120″ 48″
ShoreStation SS50108 5,000lbs 108″ 54″
ShoreStation SS50120 5,000lbs 120″ 54″
ShoreStation SS60120 6,000lbs 120″ 54