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Personal Watercraft Lifts

The ShoreStation 1,000lb Manual Cantilever Personal Watercraft Aluminum Boat Lift will protect your personal watercraft, storing it completely out of the water.  ShoreStation uses marin-grade aluminum components, with stainless steel hardware to survive in the harsh environment of some lakes.

Featuring a 62″ inside width and 42″ platform lifting height, this lift weighs just 235 lbs. Comes with the standard 20″ of leg adjustment on all four corners.  Lift operates well in water up to 5’6″ depth, and/or where there may be uneven lake bottom.  With the 42″ lifting height and the 20″ of leg adjustment, the personal watercraft will be high enough out of the water, away from excessive high winds and/or waves.

The full-length carpeted bottom bunks, along with the PWC cantilever lifting platform, that stays within the lower frame, provides the stability that your personal watercraft needs.  Optional with this lift are:

•A Lift Tech Direct Drive power unit
•Extension legs for excessive water depth
•13′ canopy cover


The Wave Port SLX5 personal watercraft port is 5′ wide and features molded-in mounting pockets in all four corners, allowing for numerous anchoring possibilities.  Our specially-designed attachment kit enables ports to be connected together or stand along – anchored by post to any fixed or floating structure.  The innovative and enhanced “drop down” entrance slide design facilitates an ultra-smooth and effortless transition from the water onto the 5′ Wave Port SLX.  Measure 4’8″ wide by 12′ long, with a weight capacity of 1,600lbs.

The 2″ oversized adapter plugs allow the SLX5 to easily slide up and down in varying water levels.  The snap-in cap is available to cover unused mounting pockets, making the port walkway surface complete with no interference for accessing the PWC front to back – which makes it safer to walk around and provides a clean, flush, finished look.

The post attachment kit mounts directly inside the rear mounting pockets of the SLX5, increasing the distance between the two rear posts and allows more room for larger-sized PWC’s entering the SLX wave port.  Serv-a-Dock has specially designed dock mounting brackets for attaching the Wave Port floating personal watercraft lift to the Galv-a-Dock stationary dock system.