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Pontoon Lifts

The ShoreStation Manual Vertical Rise Pontoon Lift is available in either a 3,000lb or 4,000lb capacity. The Vertical Pontoon Boat Lift is 120″ wide, with pontoon under-carriage support and guides.  The under-carriage bunk option makes parking your pontoon boat on your lift much easier, relying on the “V” shape bow of your pontoon entering the lift. 

It will not let either front corner of the pontoon deck make contact with the lift.  It is the mose user-friendly lift for use with a pontoon in either the 3,000lb or 4,000lb capacity.  The capacity size is determined by the pontoon length, outboard motor and various optional features. 


•Free-standing lift doesn’t require building any kind of structure, boat or dock
•All-aluminum construction frame is very stable and is relatively easy to install and remove
•3,000lb or 4,000lb lift capacity with 120″ inside lift width
•The total lifting height is 48″
•The leg settings are adjustable in 8 increments of 2-1/2″ for a total adjustment range of 20″ per corner, with an optional Extension Lef for additional 25″ of adjustment range.

•10-year warranty on material structural defects
•2-year warranty on defective lift parts
•2-year warranty on the aftermarket Lift Tech power units