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Floating Dock Accessories

The Wave Dock polyethylene benches and arm brackets provide stylish seating to your wave dock without compromising dock space.  The rear legs of the dock bench bolt quickly and easily into the slide-on arm brackets.  All floating dock components are constructed of 100% weatherproof ultra-violet resistant polyethylene plastic.

Benches feature molded-in beverage holders in each arm.  Available in two lengths: 4′ or 6′.  Available color: Pebble Beach.

The Wave Dock Box is a perfect solution for waterfront storage that can attach to your dock system or be placed on a patio.  Available color: Pebble Beach.  Dimensions: 31-1/4″ long x 13-3/4″ wide x 15″ tall.
Custom polyethylene dock bumpers complete the dock system and add protection for boats and other watercraft.  They are flexible, with virtually indestructible construction.  Available color: Pebble Beach.  Dimensions of the Vertical Bumper are 16.5″ tall x 9″ wide.  Dimensions of the Horizontal Bumper are 11.5″ tall x 24″ wide.
Tie one on with these dock cleats from Wave Armor!  These cleats mount directly into integrated mounting inserts, located on both ends of the Wave Armor floating dock sections, as well as on each side.
A sturdy and stylish kayak rack from Wave Armor, this is one great solution for waterfront storage.  It attaches to your Wave Dock section, utilizing the H-channel connection system.  Each kayak rack pair stores two kayaks and features molded-in kayak hook receivers to secure the kayak to the rack.  This can also be utilized as a stand-alone system.  Available color: Pebble Beach.
The dock ladder integrates perfectly with the H-channel connection system and can be placed on either side or end of your Wave Dock section to meet your exact needs.  Fold up and out of the water when not in use.  The bottom section of the ladder floats.  Available color: Pebble Beach.

The post cover will give your Wave Dock a consistent height, with a sleek and finished look.  One-piece rotational-molded polyethylene construction.  Weatherproof and resistant to degradation by the sun’s ultra-violet rays.  Our post attachment kit is a functional and stylish way to incorporate your dock posts into your Wave Dock system.

Each attachment kit simply slides into the H-beam channel on your deck section and secures to the float channel utilizing integrated mounting inserts.  Available color: Pebble Beach. 2″ post covers and 12″ post attachment kit each sold individually.


This tapered and hinged entrance ramp kit spans seven feet from the end of the dock and create a flush walking surface from the beach to the Wave Dock floating dock.  Available color: Pebble Beach.


Perfect as a fish cleaning station or cocktail bar, this dock table easily integrates into the H-Channel system.  Available color: Pebble Beach.

The heavy-duty post piling kit will accept pylons from 7″ in diameter to 12″ and is completely adjustable for a close fit.  Rollers allow for adequate tide and surface level changes.  Available color: Tan.


The side panel slides directly into the H-Beam channel lock system on the Wave Dock and creates a consistent flash surface, adding to the aesthetic clean-looking appearance of your new floating dock sections.  Available color: Pebble Beach.