The Design-a-Dock Software, exclusively for the Galv-A-Dock system!

Serv-a-Dock Company would like thank you for considering our products and services, the Galv-A-Dock product offers you the opportunity of receiving a detailed dock diagram, with an itemized product cost. Serv-a-Dock offers dock installation and removal for lakeshore residence that have their lake home with-in 60 miles of Victoria, MN. If you would like a complimentary dock quote, that includes a dock drawing. We need ALL the information requested below, before the quote can be sent. We look forward to supplying you with a dock diagram & itemized quotation, based on the answers from the questions below. Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to you having a positive experience with the Galv-A-Dock system.

Questions we need answered, pertaining to you receiving a dock quotation from Serv-a-Dock. The dock quotation is itemized, you can choose to delete an item, and see the cost savings, with Galv-A-Dock being a modular dock system, an optional item can be added and any time.

Optional, 40” Tall Pole Protector - Recommended for all vertical pipes that do not have a dock bumper or a boathouse standard covering the upright dock pipe. Specify how many, or we will add the amount of pole protectors that would cover all the remaining exposed galvanized steel pipes, based on the dock diagram requested.

Optional, Covered Slip for boaters that want protection to their boat under the cover, that do not have a boat lift canopy, we recommend a minimum of 6’ additional length of covered slip, greater than the overall boat length. The covered slips are available in lengths of 24’, 32’, 40’ & 48’ long, additional width & boathouse height available for wide body boats that have windshield or radar arch that extends higher than 7' above the boat water line. Please choose the length from the sizes listed or we will add, based on the boat specifications supplied, as to the boathouse size that best fits the boat.

Optional, Open Slip for boaters that have water depth to shallow, to deep, or to soft of ground for a boat lift. Optional way to moor a boat with a 4 corner tie up. Available in various inside slip widths up to 48' in overall slip length.

If you said yes to an Open or Covered Slip, What is your boat Length? What is boat Width? What is the height from the Windshield or Radar Arch (higher of the two) to the boat water line?

Optional, Deck Hold Downs? Recommended if dock is exposed to waves that are in excess of 30” high, or where the lake rises in height during the summer season. The total amount of dock sections, platforms, sundecks and super sundecks, times 2 per each dock section.

Optional, Base/Mud Plates? Two are needed for each dock section, where the lake bottom is in adequate, to support the dock, due to the soft ground conditons. The actual amount needed is based on the total dock area of soft ground, as to if plates should be needed. If uncertain, please call our customer service department between the hours of 8.30AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Optional, Triangle Dock Locker Box, requires a 90 degree right angle inside corner, for the box to have adequate support from the two dock edges, as the triangular dock locker box is over hanging the water. The dock locker box does not take up any dock surface.

Optional, 30 Degree Side Sway Stabilizer? Recommended when dock is in water depth of 6’ or greater, to reduce the excessive side sway. Do to the distance from the supporting ground to the under-side (waters edge) of the dock bracket, allows for flex with in the upright pipe, causing the dock to have sway, that a stabilizer will substantially reduce it. If uncertain, please call our customer service department between the hours of 8.30AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Optional, 4 PC. Servicing Tool Package, highly recommended for those who choose to do their own installation, along with the tools, a 40 minute detailed servicing video is available, to learn the idiosyncrasy of how to install and remove the Galv-A-Dock system with relative ease.

The optional items listed above, can be added at a later date, the Galv-A-Dock is a modular dock system that allows for the original dock purchased to be reconfigured and added to length, along with any additions of the Galv-A-Dock product. The Galv-A-Dock system has a detailed video available for purchase for those who choose to do their own installation.

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